Thursday, February 9, 2012

Week Three....

I'm starting to miss my junk food. I had some Frito's with yesterday's lunch. To get the quantity of them I wanted I had to have 2 servings. 320 calories. Afterwards the guilt sat in.... the Frito's were more than 1/2 of my meal. That's ridiculous. Need to get my head back on straight.

One thing I like to eat is Frickers, BW's, etc.... spicy chicken. I love it when food makes my nose run (and I don't have a cold). One new favorite meal I have been making is a pita with lettuce, a very small amount of blue cheese dressing, grilled boneless, skinless cheicken breast and a ton of RedHot. A half pita with that in it - is typically about 225 calories each (and a bunch less if I don't use the dressing, like 150 cal each)

Something I want to add more to my diet is fish. I had some Tilapia and Flounder this last week. I baked both. Both were fine - but I need to work on seasoning for them to get the - wow that was good taste.

My weight... with the weakness... I am still hovering at 212,213 range... still a solid 12 pound loss in 3 weeks. If I can get a solid 1-1/2-2 pounds a week from here I will be happy.

Also recently I got involved with the MVMBA (Miami Valley Mountain Biking Assn) again. I'm the treasuer. So with the new management style of the new leadership I am getting excited about mountain biking again. I will actually have to get out, tune up my bike and clean the mud off it that has been on there for over 2 years now.

Fred out.

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  1. Don't give up now.. you are doing GREAT! I skipped a whole week of exercise this week due to a sinus infection.. but feel guilty .so easy to be lazy.. hang in there!