Sunday, February 5, 2012

Just over 2 weeks in.....

I started this ride on Jan 21 - so just over 2 weeks ago, 2 weeks and one day to be exact. So far I have lost 12 pounds. Not bad, the trend is losing and on my way down for more. I really haven't changed the food I ate - just making more educated decisions on what I eat.

My recent creation. Meijer brand whole wheat pizza crust (square shaped), Mid's Homestyle Pizza Sauce, low fat skim milk motz cheese, and add mushrooms, banana peppers, white onion, and spicy Jenni-o turkey sausage (sliced in thin pepperoni style sizes. Cut the pizza up in to 8 slices and you can get it done for 200 calories a slice or less.... not to bad for a pizza. It has actually turned into my wife's favorite. Pizza is tough on a low calorie diet.

Got out on a small bike ride today with Freddy - we did a Urban Assault ride on the neighborhood and school. Good time. Little over 5 miles and Freddy's smile was even bigger.

It's not what you want - but making the most of with what you have.

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