Sunday, February 19, 2012

Today marks 30 days in my journey....

So today marks the 30 day mark in my journey. So far I have lost over 16 pounds. I am closer to my goal... actually adjusted my goal a little lower now. Anyways... I think the biggest thing I have learned from this is the knowledge.

Knowledge is power. I used to 'think' I ate well and exercised enough. But looking back I exercised enough to keep myself fat. It is crazy how you can snack away your calories for the day and gain weight. It is more crazy to know that the 300 calorie snack is equal to a 3 mile run... insane when you think about food that way. It also helps me not want that food as much - when I realize how much work I have to do to burn that off.... 30 minutes of running for 5 minutes of eating a ice cream sunday.

I have 92 days left before Mount Mitchell - this year should be good!

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