Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fast Laps, Returns, Weight and Mt Mitchell

So last time I had just completed the first of the Fast Laps at MoMBA. First time on the mountain bike in a WHILE.... a few days later I was able to get back out there before the next of the races. Went out there with George and Tony. Took our time and road the course slowly looking at all the corners... rocks.... roots.... etc. The next race came and I did better... not what I wanted but it is totally attainable. Got 2nd place this time - about 50 seconds behind first. The difference this week was it looked like the beginners some how got out on the course and in front of me. I had some that were difficult to pass. I told one guy when I rolled up on him at a base of climb I wanted to pass and he told me "you can pass me at the top if you can keep up"... umm yeah... that's why I caught you already... I couldn't keep up. Let us just say at the top of the climb I didn't care how anaerobic I got... I was leaving I could see the first place guy in my class in front of me... then we would run into traffic and he would be gone... So next time, I must stick closer to him. Overall I was happier - I knocked 2:15 off the last time. Hopefully next time I will do better yet.

Some other things that happened since then. I had a pair of Bellweather cycling tights that I got almost a year ago, that developed a hole in the seat of them. I called them and they said to send them back and they would check them out. A week later, new tights are at my house. Good deal. Another item I had trouble with was my PrincetonTec Swerve tail light. It would turn on and then just die. I called them and got a return number, and then sent it back. I heard nothing. A month goes by and I call them and they are like - oh yes, we were out of the replacements and it is going out today. A week later nothing still. So... I will keep you posted, but the customer support there is definitely lacking.

My weight - I am at 191 pounds as of today - about a week ago, I hit 189. I fell off the wagon food wise. I see that, I knew it, and I have been able to maintain even in my weakness. I am ready now to proceed. Hopefully next blog I will be closer to the 185 goal I have.

Mount Mitchell is less than 1 month away. 103 miles, over 11,000 feet of climbing. This last Sunday, I road 100 miles and had over 4000 of climbing. This MONTH I have 580 miles so far, that is 100 more that I had total LAST year to this date. I am ready for Mount Mitchell!

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