Monday, April 16, 2012

Bellweather gear, Ride report, Mt Mitchell Goals and Parts for sale...

Okay, I have a few different things to talk about this time....

First Bellweather bike clothing. I bought a new pair of unpadded bike tights last year before Mount Mitchell. As I did the 97 miler a few weeks ago, when I got home and was laying in the yard with everyone playing outside, I was informed that they were thankful I had bike shorts on under the tights as I had a hole in my rear end. That is crazy. My new tights did not last a year and I have another pair that I have had for almost 8 years (and ridden them off road too). So I called Bellweather (Profile Design) and they basically told me to mail them back for inspection and they would see what they can do. So I mailed them back, Friday I get a box from FedEx and open it and it is a brand new pair of tights. They never called, emailed, or anything. They just replaced them with the newer current model. SO.... keep this in mind buying clothing. They do take care of their customers!

My ride report for this month so far... April 2012 - I have 620 miles, over 12,500 feet of climbing this month. My preparations for Mount Mitchell are looking very good this year. Last year this time I only had just over 400 miles for the YEAR! The weather so far this year has helped a ton!

My other preparation I am doing this year is my weight loss. I am now down to 190lbs. On the verge of breaking into the 180's. As far as Mount Mitchell is concerned... I would be 35 pounds lighter than last year if it was today. I had read somewhere about weight loss and biking that for every pound you lose, it is like gaining 3w of climbing power. So I am currently looking at adding over 100w of free power from last year, and never mind the better shape I am in. It is looking to be a good race season!

My goal for Mount Mitchell. Last year I finished the ride with George and Brian. We clawed the last 25 miles together to finish the 11,000 feet of climbing in 102 miles in over 11 hours total time. I think the official time was like 11:15. That is crazy long. Some of my friends who went last year finished it in under 6 hours total time. So they could have almost done it twice in the time it took me to do it once. This year I have been very focused on doing better. I made a bet last year with Paul (he was my highest placed friend from last year, finishing it in 19th place and 5hours, 20min). I bet him the entry fee that I would finish within 4 hours of him. The fastest racers that have ever show up have never broken the 5 hour barrier. I fully expect Paul to be very, VERY close to that 5 hour mark. He is in great shape this year. So I would have to beat 9 hours total time. When I pulled my Garmin info - my actual ride time last year was 8hours 20 min. So my 9 hour window seems totally do-able. with 40 minutes off the bike throughout the day. Which doesn't seem like much, but the more I ride this year I don't like to be off the bike long, you lose your groove. You have to re-warm up, settle in, etc... all which takes time. And knowing I don't have to stop at every stop. When I do stop grab water and food and get back on the bike, eat and drink there... moving slowly eating is way better than eating and standing around. I am going to go out on a limb here. I am going to announce I want to break the 8 hour total time mark. I want to complete the ride this year in less time than I actually road last year (not including stops). So I have said it. My personal goal for this year is to Break 8 hours total time. I think I can do it - and talking with friends they seem to think I can do it no problem. I'm not sure if they are just being supportive or really think I can do it, but anyways, I WILL DO IT.

Lastly. Anyone looking for some bike parts - I have a ton for sale.... all good used. Shoot me a message if you are looking for something. I have a Sram Rival Road crank, Sram Rival Time Trial Crank, Sram Rival TT Shifters, Sram Rival front and Rear Derailleurs, K-Edge Front Derailleur chain catcher, Profile Designs Triathlon saddle, Profile Aero Triathlon base bar, Profile T2 Aero bars, Salsa road stem, Speedplay Zero pedals in white... and I'm sure there is more I am forgetting. Most of the stuff is like new and should include original box if I still have it. If interested shoot me a email at fastfreddyfour at yahoo dot com.

Thanks for checking this out!

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  1. I did Mt. Mitchell once, around 1994. Back when I was a young(er) Turk. My time was around 6:00; maybe as much as 6:30. Tried to look it up, but apparently my time got glitched as a no-show at the finish. That was when I was 43 and had been road racing for a few years, but not with any wins, and very few finishes.

    Isn't Mt Mitchell in early May? You better get some miles in as prep!