Thursday, October 11, 2012

Triathlons, Outdoor Fest, LA, Nite Rides and Fast AJ

Hey its only been 3 weeks this time.... and the sad thing is that I have thought... hey that's a great blog idea and I should do it... but alas.... here I am.
This last weekend I participated in the Wittenberg Triathlon. It was my first tri this year, not ever, but this year. Nice way to start into it... 40 degree day... perfect for a swim in the pool, a bike ride and run. Yeah right. What was I thinking. (This is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy - to quote a famous Clark Griswald to be exact... that is what I was thinking).

So anyways.. I survived. They got the results posted and I ended up 2nd in my age group, crazy. I haven't swam since my backyard pool has been closed (an you know you can train there really and I hadn't ran since the Air Force 10K.  The guy that beat me pretty much crushed me by like 10 minutes, so there was no chance for first. I think overall out of like 85 participants they had me listed 14th overall. I did go through the bike splits, and I did feel good that I was the 3rd fastest on the bike split and I was on my regular road bike with no aero wheel, no aero bars, etc... I did have a aero helmet.  And I was only out of being the fastest bike by 29 seconds.... not too shabby. So my good old Giant feel so bad sitting next to the Trek Speed Concepts, Felt DA's, and the Zipp wheels and discs.... we did just fine. I think my bike leg is pretty much what helped me finish so high up.

What else.... went to the Midwest Outdoor Experience. It was rainy and cold but it was awesome. I had a great time there. The atmosphere there is so energizing. Watched some little kids ride push bikes over a obstacle course that I don't think I would have ridden (I like my bones in one piece). Met a bunch of great people, and even had secret talks with the guys from Niner bikes about my Jet9 and what it will need to be taken to the next level. Overall I would definitely recommend this event next year... it was tons of fun. SO much outdoor stuff (bikes, zip lines, slack lines, etc), Live music, Great Lakes Beer, awesome food, and all the vendors. Great event!

Pro cycling news... the USDA finally released the report on Lance... crazy... all this 'evidence', and some how at the time when this is doing the sport so much good we find out about pretty much any US Pro cyclist has now admitted to using. The weird thing is in a court of law isn't this called hearsay and would not be admissible in a court of law. No one actually saw him do it, they saw LA and the drugs.... or at least that I have read yet. Now I do not doubt he used, but for them to go after LA and give him a lifetime ban after he is retired, and then to give the rest of the witnesses at most a 6 month ban starting September 1st (which is the start of the off season for a pro cyclist).... seriously?  Give everyone else a slap on the wrist but go above and beyond on LA. I am now anxiously awaiting the treatment Johan Bruyneel gets.... this is going to be interesting.

Did my first night ride with my wife Tuesday on the bike path. Made it from Springfield to Spring Valley and back. Got in 44 miles, half of which was in the dark. It is always a good time riding with Carisa. She seems to be really getting into in and doing very well. Funny thing happened coming back, you know your slacking when your riding along and she rolls up next to me and asks "Want me to pull for a bit?" - God lover her, but man I must have been slacking..... and yes she did pull me back up the 'hill' into Yellow Springs.
The bike path this time of year looks great, but is usually funky to ride on with all the junk on the trail... but never the less it the colors do make for great scenery.
We are less than 48 hours away from Ironman Kona. One of my best friends Dan "Fast AJ" Payton is there with a small entourage. Dan qualified and is going to lay it down at the race. He has trained well this year. He should be doing great things. My only words to him were to Enjoy it! He has done the work and if you race with a smile on your face nothing can bring you down. I am proud to call him my friend. Good luck Dan, you surely don't need it but it never bad to have the luck anyway!
Be thankful that I did not use a certain picture here that I saw posted on the Internet with you and Colin in it - with GU products and something about check out our packet. You people and these weird Undie Races..... yes I could have posted that, but it is on the Internet for the world to see (You can thank Colin for that).
And on the lighter side of things now....
SERIOUSLY? A luggage rack on a Miata? Chrome no less? And it is a clamp on mount from all the bracketry on the edges of the truck lid (hard to see in this picture). Where are you going that you are planning on strapping your luggage on the deck lid of your car that you will no longer see out the back window with when the luggage is there? Seriously? If it clamps on and you are not using it - TAKE IT OFF!
That is all - Fred OUT!

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