Monday, July 30, 2012

Top 10 Driving Pet Peeves

This one is a little different.  I recently spent some time driving on the highway and noticed a few things about the drivers in the USA. Even though some things are not illegal, you still wouldn't do them in front of a cop, but out on your own with just the other drivers, it seems to be fair game...... Here are some of the offenses I would like to see penalized....

#1 - Texting while driving. Seriously? You should NOT be doing this at all. If someone is sending you a text, then it cannot be important. It can wait until you are stopped, or at your destination. I will not text you if your child broke an arm, your mom was in a car wreck or what ever, I promise I will call you.

#2 - Weaving through traffic like Speed Racer just to slow down after you pass everyone. Seriously You put the moves on everyone like AJ Foyt in the traffic then slow down after? What was the rush?

#3 - When you merge on to the highway from the on ramp and try to take more than one lane as you merge regardless of where the traffic is you are merging into... or better yet, if someone else is doing the multi lane merge and it causes an even bigger multi lane merge from someone else.

#4 - On the highway with 3 lanes of moving traffic... you run across the occasional driver that has to drive in the fast lane.  Seriously? I even had one guy I came up on and he was in the center lane, only to move to the left lane to let me pass. Really? SLOWER TRAFFIC MOVE RIGHT.

#5 - As you drive down the highway and sometimes other cars will end up driving with you.... you get the occasional driver that is scared of the left lane. They will only pass on the right. Thinking they will be hidden from the Do they realize that a car passing on the wrong side stands out more?

#6 - Just because my truck down shifted going up that hill doesn't mean I want to race your rice rocket.

#7 - I don't care about the graphics, the wheels, or how loud your exhaust is... a VW Beetle is still a chick car. Other chick cars are Mazda Miata, Mini Cooper convertible, and others...

#8 - Passing some one just to get in front of them to turn. This has happened to me 2 times in the last week. The worst was as I turned on Shrine road by Fents Ice Cream (come on everyone knows where that is) I had a bunch of kids in a Ford Ranger pass me only to slam on the brakes to turn into Ryman Baseball Field. Did I mention the rocket scientists in the truck had a kid jumping around loose in the bed of the truck too. Nice.....

#9 - Speed limit drivers in the Fast Lane. The fast lane is for passing... not driving the speed limit. If you are going to drive the limit with everyone else - just get in the slow lane and drive with everyone else.

#10 - Turn Signals. Some people do not use them. For what ever reason... carrying their coffee, talking on the phone, not paying attention.... the turn signal gets ignored. It is a very useful bit of info for the drivers around you. Use it - they are not optional equipment on your car.

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